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Orijin Africa Cloth | Maasai Red

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Material: 70% Silk, 30%Viscose
 Size: 160cm wide X 147cm long
 Feel: Warmth, smooth on the skin

The Orijin Africa Cloth is our new signature collection. Another one-of-a-kind distinct creation by us — Orijin Culture — to elaborate the versatility of Africa in style, transforming its shape to a scarf, a poncho, a robe, a shawl, a kimono, a hijab and many more styles you will discover, without losing it's character and value. Isn’t that what Africa is? Isn’t that you, naturally?

Let this Cloth be a symbol of our value, a symbol of our versatility, adapting to various styles while embracing self-love and pride in this diverse world. Allow me to unveil the Orijin Africa cloth.

Inspiration behind the Red Color
We chose the color RED to pay homage to the boldness of the Maasai; a Nilotic ethnic group in Kenya and Tanzania famously know for their fearlessness, and fashionably known for their style with jewelry and their Shuka cloths. Red, the most common color you would find in the shuka cloth is an important color which serves as a protection against wild and also as a symbol of courage, strength and unity. To sum it up, be fearless in Style, be Bold with pride.

Inspiration behind the Cloth and Symbols
Historically, a cloth has always been measured as a form of value; a form of worth. Detailed in the Africa Cloth is our Orijin Culture branded logo and traditional Adinkra symbols, paying homage to Designer, Archyn Orijin’s roots (Ghana):

Orijin Logo: A branded symbol of love and unity, connecting us all to our roots, Africa.

NKYINKYIM: "twisting": A symbol of dynamism and versatility

NEA ONNIM: "He who does not know can know from learning":
A symbol of knowledge, life-long education and continued quest for knowledge

UAC Nkanea: Light: A symbol of technological advancement