Essence tells our dream behind the ORIJIN CULTURE Africa Bags | Exclusive interview

At the intersection of culture, travel, and design, ORIJIN CULTURE is creating signature pieces that carry the culture — and the continent — everywhere they go. And already, his Africa purses are everywhere, after going viral for their powerful design representing the diaspora and the global influence of Black culture. 

Meet The Black-Owned Label Reshaping The Luxury Bag

The Africa shaped bag is loved by social media. Can you tell me a bit of the inspiration behind it?

It came from a dream I had! It’s a beautiful story that I love to share. Many that have been with us in the Orijin Culture community for a long time know that our journey began as a magazine, which I was privileged to launch in W.E.B. Dubois’ home in Ghana. This outlet was intended to connect all African descendants together. While running the magazine for 10 years, I noticed that many in the Diaspora wanted to connect deeper with Africa but felt a sense of distance for various reasons. That void bothered me a ...


Orijin Culture Women's Africa Bag

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Orijin Culture Africa Bag for men

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