ABENA Identity Beads | For (HER) Born on Tuesday

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A bracelet INSPIRED BY our true African names hidden in the days of the week. The "identity beads" by Orijin Culture is a unique accessory handcrafted by artisans in Ghana, West Africa to embrace our entitled African name embedded in the day of the week we were born.


ABENA | Born on Tuesday | You are Dynamic.

The Abena Beads is an accessory designed for ladies born on Tuesday. Abena's are said to be ladies who are extremely confident, proud, ambitious, dynamic, have that drive for success, Although they are said to be quick-tempered, they blend among people very well and are likeable.

Each brass piece dipped in 14 Karat Gold represents our royalty; It is a reminder in our every day life that we were born from the Kings and Queens of our Ancestors.

No matter how far and wide we go in our journey of life, let these volcanic lava beads specifically chosen to bring positive energy to your existence, bring about love and empowerment to you.



THE GOLD PLATED BRASS ENGRAVED NAME: Is intentionally engraved by hand so that every name is personal to the wearer.

THE BLACK VOLCANIC LAVA BEADS:  The black lava beads represents the rock of our heritage; the cuts in each bead is only a reminder of how far and wide we have come in history and how far we still need to go together as one African family – Africans, African-American, Caribbean, Afro Latino, Afro-Asian, Afro-European, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-mixed race etc – overcoming these canon balls of life.

I see the dream,
I see how we are fusing our music and dancing daily.
I see the love for our culture building again.
I see the love birds of different cultural backgrounds twirling.
I see the future of our children.
I see that African Dream;
The dream of returning back to our home Africa, and if that dream never comes in our life time, let our story be told that we lived the dream of a "Black Star" and a "One Africa" movement.

Add essential oils if you desire for your personal experience.

Inspired by the Akan names hidden in the days of the week, Orijin's IDENTITY Beads Is designed to reconnect us all to our true African names.  "We are not Africans because we were born in Africa, we are Africans because Africa was born in us"-- After being separated many miles and many generations apart, I personally find it amazing the cleverness of our ancestors burying our true African names in the days of the week to maintain our identity, heritage and pride.Today I am proud to say I know my true African name, what about you, who are you?

"The future of a 'United Africans' begins with your Name. It's not just a bracelet, It's an Identity. It's your Orijinal Name. Wear it with pride knowing.


How to find out the Day OF THE WEEK  you were born?:

1. Type your date of birth here : http://www.dayofbirth.net/

2. Find and purchase your Identity beads based on the day of the week you were born on our site.

Thank you.


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