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The Story behind the Africa Bag

The vision of an Africa bag did not come to me as a mere idea, but in a dream I had of a woman wearing Africa on her back while walking down an isle. A dream that took me on a 4year journey designing  a ‘had never been done before’ concept of an Africa map bag --to now worldwide known as our classic signature bag.

‘The Black-owned Label reshaping the luxury bag’ --as ESSENCE MAGAZINE brands us to be — has personally humbled me with life lessons of following a dream. This journey has come with a lot of sacrifice and learnings; impossibles made possibles; seeing the perfections in imperfections; an intriguing tale spun by the finest of weavers, it seems.—Weaving through even my personal life to seek purpose in my pain and to find purpose in a narrow tunnel of fashion with a lantern of light, exhibiting not only our African inspired fashion but reshaping the minds and narratives around Africa.

I am not 
African because I was born in Africa, I am African because Africa is born in me and my style. | 

The ALKEBULAN Collection.