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Medallion bag inspiration


I’m inspired by the medallion leather necklaces I grew up seeing in the 90"s  which promoted love, peace and unity, while building a culture of pride and dignity amongst us--a new generation then-- fueled with the unique creativity and consciousness of Hip-Hop. 

A throwback from the 60's, amplified in late 80’s and 90's,  it's more of a personal connection and honor to design and preserve our iconic medallions as a classic fashion statement never to be lost again in trends but to be part of our everyday life as a symbol of remembrance of peace, love and unity retold boldly in style.

I pay homage to my golden era that molded me in society to have pride; I pay homage to every "creativist" I was inspired by--and still empowered by--in music and art of HIPHOP, being a voice in connecting us all together, demanding a change where change was needed; Spreading peace, unity, equality and love to all while paving a culture which has become a mantle of cultures today embraced by all.

I pray these bags go beyond fashion to elevate and liberate souls worldwide; bring hope and most importantly a symbol of change and consciousness in our world today spread love, equality and peace amongst us all.