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Orijin Wood Watch (1957) | RedSandal

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Orijin Culture's Vintage Style wooden watch is a state of the art classic timepiece collection, designed and artistically carved from a 100% red sandal wood, buckled with stainless steel, and engined with a Miyota quartz movement.

Inspiration behind the Watch?

'FORWARD EVER, BACKWARDS NEVER'~1st president of Ghana, the Late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

After winning Independence for Ghana in 1957 and becoming the 1st African country to gain independence, the 1st president of Ghana, the Late dr. Kwame Nkrumah's quote 'FORWARD EVER, BACKWARDS NEVER'(1957) inspired other African Leaders and individuals around the world to believe in themselves and fight for their freedom and independence.

Inspired by this same philosophy, OrijinWood Watches was designed to empower the progressive individual all over the world, while redefining "AfricanTime".

It's time we changed the negative perception of 'African Time'.

African time birthed humanity and civilization.
African time has inspired creativity and innovation.
African time has embraced diversity and unity.
African time has never changed it's hands of time,
embracing our past, empowering our future with Love.

African Time is now through style and class...'FORWARD EVER, BACKWARDS NEVER' . 

A Style and statement for everyone who believes in the importance of Time.

M A D E  I N  T H E  U N I T E D  S T A T E S  O F  A F R I C A


 Watch Dimensions:

Case width: 40mm | Case thickness: 12mm | Band thickness: 22mm | Band width: 210 mm

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