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I am not the storyteller, YOU ARE! You wearing your Africa bags and Africa purses with pride, telling your story to the world. That is where I find my joy. I hope these Motherland bags bring about an intimate connection with Africa —being inspired by her love to the world to be proud to carry her— illuminating love, unity regardless of your race, color and background; seeing us all as one human beings.

But personally and more importantly for me, reconnecting all African descendants together--celebrating our home, our love for each other, our heritage, our diverse beauty in identity, our art, our culture and many more by telling our everyday stories with pride and in style.

I want to leave you with this message to inspire your journey too, no matter what it is; Remember, I was just a dreamer, who just made a dream a reality and today a black-owned luxury bag brand rewriting history and carrying the culture with pride in style. This is only to say possibilities begin when you start to believe. 

~ Archyn Orijin (( Founder & Creative Designer)