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New! Orijin Tribal Eyewear | Vibe 2020

$169 $215

The release of our 2020 Tribal Eyewear Collection inspired by African Tribal Art Makeup - A historical art of painting patterns on our faces and bodies, Orijin Culture introduces ORIJIN TRIBAL EYEWEAR Collection; A one of a kind Luxury designer Eyewear preserving our art and culture of Tribal beautification. The 'Neon Yellow Print' on the Eyewear signifies positive vibe; Positive energy of Joy and warmth. ( Please read inspiration below after product details)


SIZE: 64mm X 142mm
LENS: Our eyewear Lens is 100% UV400 PROTECTED and also made of acetate to give it the lighter feel on the face whiles also reducing the risk of breaking when dropping it. 

METAL: The legs of the frame and logo bridge are made of stainless steel.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, propylene glycol, cellulose, starch, polyethylene piroxanone, kaolin, talcum powder, calcium carbonate, food grade lake, phenoxyethanol.

Our tribal makeup pigments are Non Toxic; Paraben free, Fragrance-free, Hypoallergenic and made to be friendly and safe on the skin. 


“My vision in designing these luxury Tribal eyewear stems deep in the roots of the cultural significance of expressing ourselves artistically through this ancient creativity our ancestors practiced in various parts of Africa, and even carrying it along to the Diaspora— whereby even the different colors used in painting on ourselves alone had great meanings behind them. For example, the white paint used to make patterns on our faces signifies hope, purity and light in most cultures, while the yellow signifies joy, energy and warmth. 

What triggered my thoughts in doing this is the social idea of us being able to read the moods of people based on the color of their eyewear so that we know how to approach respectfully. 

In preserving the Art of Tribal make-up through fashion whiles acknowledging other tribes who have specific cultural art designs on faces, the Orijin Tribal eyewear also comes with Tribal Makeup kit for us to express our culture artistically.

I pay homage to my Zulu and Xhosa tribe South Africa, my Maasai Tribe of Tanzania and Kenya, my Karo tribe of Ethiopia, my Kru of Liberia and Ivory Coast, my Igbo and Yoruba of Nigeria, my Ashanti and Ga tribes of Ghana, my Bororo tribe of Niger  and many Tribes including those outside of Africa, inspired by our African art and culture, respectfully.  

May this evolution not only be a fashion statement but also a cultural and social statement building an Orijin Tribe of unity, love, peace and pride, whiles preserving our heritage in Style. 

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